Amman’s Unofficial Transport Map

This map is the result of a volunteer effort led by a group of residents and fans of Amman. The aim behind this effort is to present the city’s public transport system in a readable, user-friendly format in order to facilitate and encourage its use by residents and visitors. 

How do you use this map?

This map shows the public transport network in the city of Amman and some of its suburbs. It includes a total of 76 bus, Coaster, and service routes. It should be noted that this is not an accurate geographic map and does not reflect the actual distances between various points in the city

  • The color coding is based on the general direction of each group of routes. It is used to help you track routes across the map and is not present on the actual vehicles.
  • Three-digit route numbers are actual numbers that appear on large buses branded as “Citybus”. (Example: Bus101)
  • Route numbers proceeded by a letter have been used for unnumbered routes. They do not appear on the actual vehicles and have been put in place to facilitate reading the map.
  • Large buses B, Coaster buses C, Service S (Example: Map Amman Numbering)
  • In sections were multiple routes overlap on a given street/alignment, a single line is drawn on the map with labels showing the various route numbers that pass through the line. (Example: MultipleRoutes)
  • Most lines on the map show the alignment of each route in both directions. Some routes, however, operate in a different alignment in each direction. In sections where routes operate in one direction only, an arrow has been drawn within the line. (Example: ArrowDirectionMapAmman)
  • You may need sometimes to take multiple routes to get to your destination. The list of routes can help you find the routes you need and their start and end points.


   Amman Transport Map                   Amman Public Transportion Routes

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How can you help?

We aim to expand and improve this map to include more routes inside and outside Amman. You can help through sending us feedback regarding routes in this map and other new routes that were not included in this map yet.

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